Recap on the Malizia Ocean Festival

The Malizia Ocean Festival has come to an end after two days of celebration. Read more about the event.

After two great days in Hamburg on 6 & 7 September, the Malizia Ocean Festival has come to an end. Over 12,000 people attended the festival.

On Tuesday morning, the Team Malizia crew navigated across the English Channel and sailed up the Elbe river accompanied by a flotilla of almost 100 boats. As the flotilla neared the iconic Elbphilharmonie, it was welcomed by a water-spraying fire boat of the Hamburg Fire Brigade.

At 12:30 sharp, the Mahatma-Gandhi Bridge of the Sandtorhafen opened to let Malizia – Seaexplorer enter the harbour and soon after, she docked on the pontoon of the Traditionsschiffhafen under the applause of a cheering crowd of four thousand people.

Upon arriving home, Boris said: “Being here is a very unusual feeling, I usually walk here with my dog or with my little daughter, and now there are so many people like I have never seen here before! Great and thank you all so much for coming! Hamburg is the home port of the Malizia – Seaexplorer, and also my home. As sailors, we are a bit superstitious and a ship christening is extremely important, so it was important for me to come to Hamburg for this.”


Photo by Andreas Lindlahr.