"Make Climate Change Visible" - A Collective Global Artwork

During The Ocean Race 2023/24, Team Malizia hosted 16 kids events and reached around 1000 children of all different ages and nationalities with their "My Ocean Challenge" education programme that focusses on oceanic health. As part of the programme, the students designed sails and formulated wishes that were saved and have now been assembled in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg to create a global collective artwork with the title "Make Climate Change Visible".

Together with Team Malizia, we support the notion, that it is necessary for children, the future changemakers, to have an awareness for the importance of the health of our oceans specifically in connection to man-made climate change.

During the past Ocean Race that saw a crew onboard the Malizia – Seaexplorer compete with other racing yachts around the world, a total of 16 kids events took place, where around 1,000 children of all social backgrounds participated in Malizia’s educational programme „My Ocean Challenge“.

For this, the students were able to visit the Malizia – Seaexplorer and spend the day learning about the ocean’s ecosystem, the role it plays in connection to CO2, the importance of ocean health and why it is important to act now to help combat climate change.

Every student that participated in the programme during the ocean race also designed their own paper sail. These sails made by children from 9 different countries have now been collected and assembled by students at Hamburg schools to create a collective artwork exhibited in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg under the title “Make Climate Change Visible”.

If you were to go to the Deichtorhallen for yourself and see what the children had produced, it would be blaringly obvious that despite being from so many different social backgrounds and different nationalities, one thing is the same:

These children unanimously follow the same plea for climate action. Climate change affects all ages, all classes and goes across borders.

This artwork will be exhibited until the end of September 2023.