2020, July 5: Difficult conditions

Boris Herrmann is likely to face some challenges during the Vendée Arctique. Will Harris, Co-Skipper of Boris Herrmann describes the current race situation. You want to find out how Boris is doing on board? Check out his video updates.


Will Harris, Co-Skipper of Boris Herrmann described the current race situation: "It’s going to be quite a windy race for Boris on the way up to The Iceland Waypoint. When the fleet approaches Southern Ireland the wind and waves will really start to pick up as a strong depression approaches Western Europe. We expect to see the fleet hug close to Ireland to avoid the worst of the sea state. Once this has passed the strategy becomes a bit more complicated as a second depression moves towards Scotland as well as an area of high pressure and light winds to avoid. For sure Boris will have to be on his toes as the winds will be very changeable with each of these weather systems."