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We are setting the sail for a sustainable future!

Team Malizia and Kuehne+Nagel:
Our partnership

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Our common goal

Scientific data / CO2 data

Vendée Globe: Boris' arrival and race overview

General news

Our partnership: Team Malizia and Kuehne+Nagel

Together we are working for a sustainable future, contributing to ocean health by reducing worldwide CO2 emissions.

Team Malizia is a sailing race team led by world-class skipper Boris Herrmann. Pierre Casirgahi, Vice-President of the Yacht Club de Monaco, founded team Malizia in 2016. Their mission is to promote ocean science and environmental education around the world whilst inspiring the next generation with their sailing adventures. The team's foiling race yacht is zero-emission using wind, solar and hydropower and is called seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco.

Kuehne+Nagel is a global logistics provider and thought leader within its industry. Striving for a sustainable future is part of Kuehne+Nagel’s corporate identity. We are committed to actively contribute to the well-being of communities and the environment while connecting people and goods through innovative and sustainable business solutions.

This partnership is about being an emotional example, contemporary witnesses of climate change on the ocean, and ambassadors who can report authentically. 
– Boris Herrmann, Team Malizia

Why do we fit together so well?

It is a scientifically proven fact that ocean health is ultimately important for human well-being. As we are both renowned organisations in our respective fields of activity, we want to join forces to achieve an even stronger and broader impact on society. Our partnership is based on our joint key message around ocean health, ocean protection and climate action. Environmental protection through CO2 reduction is one of our major sustainability goals.

Together we want to raise awareness and drive a sustainable future.

How can we achieve our common goal?

Net Zero Carbon Programme

Time is valuable. Minutes are precious. Not only to win the race, but to protect the environment. Kuehne+Nagel has launched a comprehensive Net Zero Carbon Programme and offers CO2-neutral transports from 2020 onwards. In the framework of its Net Zero Carbon Programme, Kuehne+Nagel pursues visibility, reduction and offsetting of carbon emissions. Shipments should be as emission-free as possible. All unavoidable emissions are fully compensated. 

The aim is to neutralise our collective CO2 footprint and help our stakeholders achieve their own bold environmental targets.

Learn more about Kuehne+Nagel and our environmental targets

Seaexplorer platform

Kuehne+Nagel has also taken on the responsibility to develop ready-to-use, technology-based solutions that are able to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint caused by logistics services and transport worldwide.

The digital platform seaexplorer visualises the carbon emissions of sea freight vessels worldwide and thus enables its customers to choose the service with the lowest CO2 emissions.

As Team Malizia measures CO2 in the ocean while they race, the sailing yacht has been christened "seaexplorer".

Click here to try out the seaexplorer platform 

Tracking & Scientific Data measured on the yacht

While Team Malizia competes in ocean races, they are actively researching climate change. For example, during the Vendée Globe race. They measure ocean CO2 with their onboard SubCTech Ocean Sensor. You can see the ocean CO2 data they collected during the last race in the picture on the left. This data is key as the ocean holds over 30% of manmade CO2 and this data is hard to obtain as it can only be measured from ships. This "last wilderness on Earth" is undersampled, but this data is crucial for reliable modelling of climate change. Therefore, data collection from the sailing yacht seaexplorer is of great scientific importance.

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and Geomar support data verification and submission to international databases (e.g. NOAA, SOCAT). Team Malizia recently partnered with IOC-UNESCO to deploy drifter buoys in the Atlantic Ocean to gather more data over a longer period. With the seaexplorer racing yacht they participate in the marine data collection programmes coordinated by the Ship Observations Teams, operating under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organisation and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. – Show Certificate of Appreciation.

Both Kuehne+Nagel and Team Malizia believe in the motto “you cannot reduce what you cannot measure”.

Find out more on Team Malizia

Education & Kids

Children are our future. They have the power to shape our future world. In projects at schools, online conferences and onboard of the boat itself, the Malizia team educates kids about the ocean, climate change and the importance of CO2 reduction.

At the start of each race during the race village, there is a dedicated kids stand where children can visit to learn more about the ocean and to be inspired by the adventure. Kids can also get in touch with Team Malizia from home. They can then follow the races, link up to the boat during the race via video conferences and ask Boris all sorts of questions whilst he is at sea. In addition, there is the Ocean Challenge Educational Kit. It explains to children aged between 8-12 years old, ocean themes, climate change and climate change solutions.

Click here to download the Educational Kit in English, FrenchGerman, PortugueseChinese, Italian, Japanese or SpanishAre you interested in a fun game? Then download the Malizia board game.